Dr. Drew Exposes Gossip Columnist’s Shocking Anti-Vax Conspiracy Against Jamie Foxx

Dr. Drew Exposes Gossip Columnist's Shocking Anti-Vax Conspiracy Against Jamie Foxx

Despite the silence of Jamie Foxx‘s camp about his recent hospitalization, some people have been speculating wildly. There is now an unsubstantiated claim being made by a gossip columnist on Dr. Drew’s talk show that Foxx was left partially paralyzed and blind after a stroke in April, which was linked to the COVID vaccine he was allegedly forced to get. Foxx’s representatives and family have been tight-lipped about his health scare, only referring to it as a “medical complication” after he was hospitalized on April 11. However, in mid-May, his daughter, Corinne Foxx, released a vague but optimistic statement about his situation, stating that he had been out of the hospital for weeks and even playing pickleball.

When news of Jamie Foxx’s hospitalization broke out, conspiracy theorists were quick to spread rumors about his condition. Reports of bizarre behavior prior to his hospitalization, including a “meltdown” on the set of the Netflix film Back in Action in Atlanta, fueled speculations. However, Foxx’s name did not trend on Twitter again until A.J. Benza, a former New York Daily News columnist and host of the Fame Is a Bitch podcast, appeared on Ask Dr. Drew and claimed that Foxx had developed a blood clot in his brain after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, which left him partially paralyzed and blind. Benza baselessly linked the alleged stroke to the vaccine, claiming that Foxx was pressured to get it for his movie. Right-wing figures like Charlie Kirk and pro-MAGA rapper Bryson Gray amplified the rumor and criticized the vaccine mandates.

Recent studies have not found any evidence to suggest a link between COVID-19 vaccines or boosters and the risk of stroke. A nationwide study involving over 4.1 million people conducted this year failed to find a higher rate of stroke a month after vaccination, regardless of the type or combination of vaccines received. Additionally, a 2022 study found that the prevalence of stroke among vaccinated patients was similar to that of the general population.In January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration reported a possible preliminary link between Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine and stroke risk in older individuals, but they noted that this was unlikely to represent a true clinical risk and continued to recommend the vaccine.

It is uncertain if Foxx had a stroke, despite Benza’s assertion. Foxx’s family was seen visiting him at a Chicago physical rehab facility that specializes in stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and cancer recovery shortly after the “pickleball” statement. In an appearance on a podcast that week, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson seemed to accidentally suggest that Foxx had experienced some type of stroke but later retracted his statement. The Daily Beast has not yet received a response from Foxx’s representative.

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